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Comment (1pts) in wallstreetbets, "Datadog IPO", (24 Aug 19):
reduced disclosure obligations regarding executive compensation in our periodic reports and proxy statements and exemptions from the requirements of holding a non-binding advisory vote on executive ...
Comment (1pts) in Tinder, "Her bio asked for a credit score", (24 Aug 19):
I think you need to be poor to have one.
Comment (1pts) in gifs, "Tear gas canisters filmed raining in Hong Kong - against...", (23 Aug 19):
Or this:
Comment (1pts) in politics, "Survey: 59% of Republicans Now Think College Is Bad for...", (21 Aug 19):
Considering the way children spend their time these days, it might be that within a few decades that investment is worth shit.
He should sell that shit at its peak.
Comment (1pts) in nextfuckinglevel, "Long jumper nearly jumps the entire pit!", (21 Aug 19):
He cleared the end of the pit (he couldn't have stretched his legs anymore). It's just that the distance jumped is less than the pit size, but you need space to land to absorb the horizontal momentu...
Comment (1pts) in worldnews, "Bees dead Brazil: More than half a billion, 500 million,...", (21 Aug 19):
There are so many reasons why they are paying you. One of them might be such that they can keep you busy on topics that don't hurt their business. Or the other way around to keep your occupied with pr...
Comment (1pts) in WatchPeopleDieInside, "What have we done?", (20 Aug 19):
LPT: Do not surround yourself with stupid.
Comment (1pts) in Whatcouldgowrong, "Lets put 14 pensioners on a giant log seesaw for a group...", (20 Aug 19):
They do this every week; always gets them :P
Comment (1pts) in PublicFreakout, "Hong Kong Police tortured a patient in hospital", (20 Aug 19):
The best thing that would happen as a result from this is a free China, just like the USSR fell apart.
Comment (1pts) in nottheonion, "Hong Kong billionaire tycoons call for end to protests as...", (20 Aug 19):
Your real estate is worth a 28 year old lease at most, but under the current circumstances it is about what it would be worth if it was in an active war zone for an investor (because millions of pisse...
Comment (1pts) in BlackPeopleTwitter, "Progress in panels", (20 Aug 19):
There is a lot of legalese to make sure the options employees get are actually worthless. In any real meaning of the word it's stolen, just not stolen in a legal way.
Comment (1pts) in UpliftingNews, "when China demands names of airline's employees who...", (20 Aug 19):
You know what would be a good move? All countries except China coming together to find solutions to work around whatever it is that China currently provides to their economies in complete secrecy. The...
Comment (1pts) in UpliftingNews, "when China demands names of airline's employees who...", (20 Aug 19):
Can you please start hiring more intelligent CEOs?
Comment (1pts) in PublicFreakout, "Hong Kong today", (18 Aug 19):
Crashing the Hong Kong economy is just about the least they should be willing to do. I.e., they could quit their job and not get another one.
As long as the country doesn't look like a war zone, noth...
Comment (1pts) in PublicFreakout, "Hong Kong today", (18 Aug 19):
Sure, just call a company that does crowd control management. Or, you look at the measurements of the building, figure out lower and upper bounds for people density on a square under reasonable assump...
Comment (1pts) in PublicFreakout, "Hong Kong today", (18 Aug 19):
It would be kind of interesting to see American citizens slaughtered by the Chinese army on the 10 o'clock news. Or more in general, of an international audience.
Trump already pressured the Chinese ...
Comment (1pts) in worldnews, "'Punch in the gut' as scientists find microplastics in...", (18 Aug 19):
Biodegradable plastic bags aren't:
Comment (1pts) in worldnews, "'Punch in the gut' as scientists find microplastics in...", (18 Aug 19):
Healthy diet? How does that work when you can't eat anything anymore?
Please list a diet for a month that is supported scientifically. Everyone saying "healthy with your diet" is just silly. Before y...
Comment (1pts) in news, "French waiter shot dead for being 'too slow with sandwich',...", (18 Aug 19):
Retarded humans are bad. Small arms are merely pointless. If you aren't allowed to own let's say your own operational nuclear powered sub with your buddies, how can you possibly form a militia (to act...
Comment (1pts) in news, "French waiter shot dead for being 'too slow with sandwich',...", (18 Aug 19):
I 'member.
Comment (1pts) in worldnews, "Dutch tv crew drone captures Chinese military conducting...", (18 Aug 19):
I really hope that military leadership is less complacent than you are.
Comment (-2pts) in SandersForPresident, "Bernie has fought his whole life for what is right. This is...", (18 Aug 19):
Sure, show a picture of a young man, because all you have now is a grandpa. Can't they put someone in the White House who isn't ready for the nursing home?
Comment (1pts) in politics, "Bernie Sanders Says 'We Will Go to War Against White...", (18 Aug 19):
You mean how for example the Chinese don't let any foreigners in, because they want to remain pure? The West is the only retarded nation that values money over security. It's not a good plan to import...
Comment (1pts) in news, "Teen ran out with a $2 beer. Memphis store clerk followed...", (18 Aug 19):
People are dumb and don't think.
Comment (1pts) in mensa, "Raven APM - Raw score to IQ score", (17 Aug 19):
Is there a program (not some shitty website with a few exercises) which allows you to generate a near infinite amount of Raven APM tests?
Comment (1pts) in devops, "Jenkins Email notification for multiple builds", (17 Aug 19):
You should just ask to be fired.
Comment (1pts) in politics, "Trump’s future New York address: 725 President Barack H....", (16 Aug 19):
There are almost 300 million idiots in the US. This is not a big deal.
Comment (1pts) in worldnews, "Now Earning 278 Times More Than Average Worker, New Study...", (16 Aug 19):
Musk makes so much, because his "investors" are just fanboys that have no clue that they are paying so much for his salary if Tesla ever becomes successful. Even if Tesla becomes massively successful,...
Comment (1pts) in worldnews, "16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg says meeting...",
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Buying stocks in iq options

Am thinking of starting my stock portfolio and am looking into using the IQ options app. Am from Zambia but I want to buy some shares in the tech companies. What are you guys using to get your stocks?
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